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Thriving on Diversity

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of what our clients do for their residents, which means it is also integral to the way we work as well.

On any given day our teams can be going into the homes of people who are elderly, physically disabled, mentally vulnerable, non-native speakers, or organise their lives around deeply held beliefs. It is important to us and our clients that we give everybody the respect and dignity that they deserve. 

It is for these reasons that we don’t just think of ourselves as providing construction and testing services, but as a company that helps to make people’s lives better through improvements to their homes and peace of mind.

Vlad Nedelcu is the Managing Director of PiLON but has worked in the social housing sector for nearly 15 years.

“A person’s home is a very personal space and we must respect that. Firstly, we have to understand that everyone is different. Secondly, we need to acknowledge that communication is key. Residents want to know when our teams are going to arrive, what they are going to do, and most importantly, when they are going to leave. That is why we work very hard with our clients to understand who their residents are and what we can do to help make the process of refurbishment or compliance testing as easy as possible for them.” 

Resident Liaison Officers are of course vital to this process but so too is technology. Vlad explains:

We have been using technology for a while to help engage with residents. Most people are very happy to speak to one of our Resident Liaison Officers but there is no doubt that some people are more comfortable starting the process through our dedicated apps, which also offers them some level of control.” 

It is completely understandable that technology is playing a greater role in PiLON’s work, after all, it wasn’t that long ago that any of us would have to phone a hotel or restaurant to make a booking, while these days almost all such bookings are made online. And like any good hotel or restaurant, just because people use a PiLON app doesn’t mean that the level of service is compromised when the team are working in their home.

“We will always be a people business”, Vlad says “Our work is all about people and the amount of cakes and chocolates and cards that we receive every week tells me that we still treat every resident as unique, understand their needs and work with them. That is how it will always be. But finding new ways to facilitate those conversations and put people at ease is also what motivates me.”

The homes may look the same on the outside but recognising that they are all unique on the inside is why PiLON achieve such high customer satisfaction scores.