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When we say we care about our customer…

Age UK state that 1.4 million older people in the UK experience loneliness. In fact, loneliness defines the lives of many older people and has a significant impact on their health and wellbeing. Care homes and sheltered living homes can offer vulnerable individuals a sense of community, belonging, companionship – something which no medication will ever be able to replicate. Communal areas are extremely special places where residents interact and gain friendships and confidence.

For a vulnerable resident, being banned from communal areas while necessary works are taking place could be the difference between having the motivation to get out of bed that day or not. PiLON do not want to be the reason that any resident spends even one day feeling isolated and restricted in their own homes.

We were truly proud to have heard the commitment to customer service demonstrated by our teams on a previous project for Anchor Hanover:

“It was awful timing…we were due to start works on the communal areas, meaning that the residents all had to stay in their individual flats on a day when the weather was amazing. We had seen how much the residents loved and relied on their communal areas, and we felt so bad for stopping them from socialising on such a nice day. Especially when you think about how vulnerable residents are at risk of loneliness and isolation. We made the decision to take gardening supplies to the care home with us. Nothing too fancy, just plants and compost and stuff. The residents absolutely loved it. There wasn’t a single point during the day when there wasn’t a group of them out there together having a nice time, and the garden looked great at the end of it as well which was an added bonus. We were really proud of ourselves as a team, we took what would have been a negative for the residents and absolutely turned it around to be a positive”.

Marian Iurea – Divisional Manager

Delivering outstanding customer service means genuinely caring about your customer, and actively seeking ways to improve their experience. We look forward to offering the same level of commitment to current and future projects.