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A Life-Changing Shower Fitting Experience for Matilda

Introduction: This case study highlights the exceptional service provided by PiLON, in collaboration with Enfield Council, in fitting a new level access shower for Matilda, a resident living with her daughter, Rose. It showcases the dedication and hard work of the delivery team and the transformative impact it had on Matilda’s quality of life. Additionally, it emphasises the gratitude expressed by Rose through an unusually generous gift for the team.

Background: Matilda, a long-time resident, required additional assistance due to degenerative conditions stemming from her previous career as a midwife. Rose contacted social services, leading to an assessment by an Occupational Therapist who determined that bathroom adaptations were necessary to ensure Matilda’s safety and accessibility.

Collaboration with PiLON and Enfield Council: Cynthia, an Enfield resident herself, was recruited as the Resident Liaison Officer (RLO) while her own kitchen was being installed. Her firsthand experience as a resident and her exceptional organisational skills played a pivotal role in facilitating effective communication between all parties involved. Cynthia’s dedication ensured that Rose remained well-informed throughout the process, resulting in a seamless collaboration between Rose, Enfield Council and our PiLON team.

Efficient installation: Our delivery team embarked on the project with unwavering dedication. Labourers, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, and other tradespeople worked in a well-coordinated sequence, ensuring the timely completion of the project. Despite unforeseen challenges, such as the wet room design and an outdated fuse box, the team approached each hurdle with determination and resourcefulness, ultimately achieving a successful outcome.

Minimal disruption: Rose and Matilda appreciated the team’s considerate approach, allowing them to continue their daily routines with minimal disruption. The installation process was carefully planned, ensuring that Rose and Matilda could reside in their home comfortably throughout the project.

Enhanced communication: Cynthia’s regular updates through text messages and phone calls proved invaluable, keeping Rose well-informed about the progress of the installation. This transparent and effective communication fostered trust and provided peace of mind to the residents. Rose very much appreciated the regular updates received through text messages and phone calls, keeping them informed and at ease during the journey.

Generosity and gratitude: During the interview, Rose expressed her profound gratitude for the exceptional work carried out by PiLON and Enfield Council. “They didn’t even take breaks,” Rose said. “From the moment they arrived, they worked tirelessly, fully committed to their tasks.”

In a heartfelt gesture, she presented the team with an unexpected gift of £100. Rose wanted this token of appreciation to contribute towards a well-deserved treat for the team, and they have since enjoyed a team lunch together.

Results and benefits: The completion of the project marked a significant milestone for Matilda. The new level access shower provided her with enhanced independence, dignity, and safety. Matilda experienced the transformative effects firsthand, expressing her gratitude for the improved accessibility and ease of use.

Outcome: This successful collaboration between PiLON, Enfield Council, and the resident resulted in a life-changing shower-fitting experience for Matilda. The dedication, professionalism, and meticulous planning demonstrated by the team, led by Cynthia as the RLO, ensured a seamless and positive outcome. The project’s success highlights the commitment of all stakeholders involved in improving the quality of life for residents in the community. The generous gift presented by Rose further emphasises the gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional work carried out by the delivery team.

Rose and Matilda’s final words were:

Rose: “We are very impressed. Thank you very very much PiLON and thank you very much Enfield council as well, we are very very grateful,  when mum sat in there the first time – the both of us didn’t really understand how much work was involved and how it was going to look, but physically using it, we are very very grateful, thank you.”

Matilda: “Beautiful, It’s nice, I’m pleased and happy, very very happy.”

Matilda’s new adaptations