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Diana Mihalcea – A Journey of Passion in Safety

Diana Mihalcea’s career trajectory at PiLON is a testament to her passion for safety and her dedication to professional growth. Since joining the company in November 2021, Diana has moved through various roles, each bringing her closer to her true calling in the Safety, Health, Environmental, and Quality (SHEQ) sector.

Early Days at PiLON

Diana began her journey at PiLON as a Call Centre Scheduler. Her role involved managing communications with residents and our Electrical Engineers. However, her keen interest in safety, nurtured during her previous six-year tenure as an air flight attendant, made her yearn for more. In the aviation industry, Diana developed a sharp awareness of risks and the importance of preventive measures, which naturally influenced her approach to everyday life and work.

Transition to People and Culture

In May 2022, Diana transitioned to the People and Culture team as a Coordinator. This role allowed her to develop a deeper understanding of the company’s workforce and the integral role of safety within workplace culture. Her attention to detail and proactive approach were invaluable in this position, but Diana’s passion for safety kept guiding her path forward.

Embracing the SHEQ Role

April 2023 marked a significant milestone in Diana’s career as she joined the SHEQ team as an Assistant. The transition was driven by her long-standing interest in safety and her desire to make a tangible impact on-site safety. Diana found the dynamic nature of the SHEQ role appealing, as it combined her love for safety orientated work with the opportunity to interact directly with site teams.

Professional Development and Achievements

Diana’s first six months as a SHEQ Assistant were focused heavily on training, where she amassed an impressive array of qualifications:

  • NEBOSH in Fire Safety: A rigorous 5-day course culminating in a 24-hour written exam, practical assessment, and interview.
  • NVQ Level 3 in Health & Safety: Currently underway, this 18-month course started in May last year.
  • Completed Courses: SMSTS, Fire Marshall, First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, Scaffolding Inspection, CSCS card, Asbestos Cat B, LOTO, Manual Handling, Work at Height.
  • Upcoming Training: Gas Safety training.
Sid Clark, Head of SHEQ Compliance and Diana Mihalcea, SHEQ Assistant

Diana’s drive for continuous improvement is evident in her proactive approach to learning and development. She credits Sid, her mentor, as a significant influence in her career, noting

“Sid is my role model; he has a mountain of knowledge. We joke that we are the master and the apprentice.”

Making an Impact

Diana’s role involves conducting health and safety audits, incident investigations, and inspections across PiLON’s sites. She has streamlined various processes to make life easier for Site Managers and the H&S team. Despite initial concerns about being the first woman in this role at PiLON, Diana felt welcomed and supported by her colleagues.

Reflecting on her journey, Diana shares

“The transition to the role was smooth as I already knew a lot of the Site Managers. Initially, I was a bit worried, but I felt very welcome and supported. Sid and Georgian in my team really helped me learn the ropes and made sure I understood everything properly.”

Looking Ahead

After just over a year in the SHEQ role, Diana has gained confidence and respect from her peers. She emphasizes the supportive relationship with site teams, stating,

“Although the site teams know I am there to check on them, they also know I am there to support them.”

Currently, Diana and her team are preparing for the latest ISO14001 audit, a testament to their ongoing commitment to maintaining high standards in environmental management.

“I am really grateful to PiLON for the opportunity to work in a new role and how much they have invested in me with all the training and mentoring. Now I have found exactly what I want to do and enjoy it 100%,” Diana concludes.

Diana’s story is an inspiring example of how passion, combined with the right opportunities and support, can lead to a fulfilling and impactful career at PiLON.