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Staff Spotlight – Deborah Quinn

At PiLON, exceptional customer service is our top priority. We firmly believe that putting the customer at the heart of everything we do is key to success, and we’re thrilled to spotlight our talented Scheduling Team – Team Leader, Deborah Quinn.

Debbie is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and takes pride in her ability to put the customer first. In this Q&A session, Debbie talks about the joys of her job, the challenges of meeting our customers’ expectations, and the satisfaction of making a difference in customers’ lives.

With eight years of experience in the call centre industry, as well as customer-facing roles in the banking and leisure industries, Debbie is a skilled communicator and problem solver.

She has been part of PiLON for almost three years, heading up the scheduling team covering electrical compliance projects. Debbie loves the variety of her role and the opportunity to create processes and improve the way things are done. She is also passionate about IT and the positive impact that PILLAR has had on our operations.

Communication and the ability to stay calm in difficult situations are essential skills for success in a call centre, according to Debbie. She emphasises the importance of listening to understand our customers’ needs and concerns, and her empathetic nature and ability to see things from the customer’s perspective make her an asset to our team.

Debbie understands that dealing with customers who present us with unique challenges can be difficult, but she finds motivation in the residents who express their gratitude for a job well done. She takes pride in her ability to solve problems and make our customers’ lives easier.

Outside of work, Debbie enjoys baking and musicals, with Wicked being her favourite, along with Kinky Boots and Rock of Ages. At PiLON, we’re proud to have colleagues like Debbie, who go above and beyond for our customers every day. With our training and development programs, support systems, and investment in IT, we’re committed to providing consistently excellent service.