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Supporting Notting Hill Genesis communities through education

As part of our commitment to enhance Social Value in the local community, PiLON recently partnered with Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) to deliver a two-day CITB-accredited Site Safety Plus course to six NHG residents.

This highly interactive training went through case studies, classroom discussions, group work and individual presentations – all providing participants with knowledge of the Health and Safety at Work Act, specific site issues that challenge supervisors on a daily basis, teaching attendees how to conduct effective toolbox talks as well as going through many aspects of occupational health supervision and behavioural safety.

Sid Clark, Head of SHEQ Compliance delivering SSSTS course to NHG residents

Through this successful partnership, the initiative marked a step forward towards empowering local residents to secure safe jobs, providing them with valuable skills needed to start a career in construction.

We were delighted to be welcomed in the local community and were happy to have the chance to train in such a great venue – an old library, transformed into a community centre hub.

Creating employment opportunities: One of the participants who is currently seeking employment was facing challenges finding stable work. We hope they will soon secure a role, which is reflective of our commitment to providing meaningful work opportunities.

Upskilling for better opportunities: Two of the employed participants attended the course as a means to enhance their construction skills and, subsequently, their employment prospects. This reaffirms our belief that learning should be a continuous journey, offering individuals the chance to grow and evolve in their careers.

Ellie: “The course provided good foundations to go into a further (construction) role. There were no wrong or right answers. The course was really well-delivered and very informative.”

Exploring new career paths: The remaining three attendees are currently employed by a local company in one of NHG’s estates and they attended the course with aspirations of exploring a career change.

Being able to open doors to entirely new pathways through training and development opportunities, we are excited to see where their newfound skills will lead them.

Mustaffa: “The course was very helpful in terms of highlighting construction issues, providing key  insights that were relevant for everyone who attended.”

Together with our partners, we are committed to making a lasting impact and are proud of our efforts to ensure that every project brings value, growth and positive change to the communities within which we operate.

Sid Clark, Head of SHEQ Compliance at PiLON and CITB-accredited trainer: “I’m proud to be part of the business because we’re all about sharing knowledge and skills to make a difference. Let’s keep the learning going!”

End of course smiles from some of the attendees