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Laying the Foundation for a Healthier Workplace

April is Stress Awareness Month. Stress is a common issue in the construction industry, with long working hours and high-pressure situations taking a toll on workers’ mental and emotional wellbeing. Recent reports indicate that the rate of suicides in the industry continues to rise, highlighting the need for increased awareness and support for stress management.

Bringing the nervous system back to a neutral state can help individuals learn to tolerate stress better. Here are some simple, practical tips that are quick and easy to implement to help manage stress in the workplace:

  • Slow down speech and movement patterns, maintain good posture.
  • Keep fit, eat fresh food, and practice good sleep hygiene.
  • Engage regularly in activities and hobbies that you enjoy.
  • Seek appropriate professional help when needed.

As a company committed to employee wellbeing, Pilon Ltd has dedicated team members and mental health first aiders to ensure suitable programmes are in place. With a background in chronic health issues and wellness coaching, our colleague Holly Fisher was able to utilise her skills and knowledge and collaborate with our Wellbeing Committee to implement further measures within PiLON to help with employee wellbeing. 

To support this, we introduced weekly in-house yoga classes – attended in person and online, wellbeing talks and wellness clinics. We plan to extend these programmes to our clients for the benefit of the community, underscoring our commitment to the community and adding social value.

Prioritising stress management is crucial for creating a healthy work environment. By taking proactive steps to manage stress, workers can find more peace and joy in their daily lives. We would love to hear what you have done for Stress Awareness Month – share your best practices and join us in laying the foundation for a healthier workplace today!