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LOCATION: Essex and Suffolk
SCOPE OF WORKS: Electrical Inspection Condition Reports
DURATION: 5 years


Since April 2017, we have been delivering EICR testing works for Eastlight Community Homes (formerly Greenfields Community Housing). Our qualified Electrical Engineers complete approximately 2,200 EICR tests as well as C1 and C2 remedial works to properties across Essex and Suffolk each year.

The skills of our rigorously vetted and trained operatives are complimented by the use of our Electrical App, an unrivalled application developed by our IT department which revolutionises the way we conduct electrical testing works for our clients. A particularly sophisticated aspect of the app is its GDPR compliance, which enables electrical engineers to contact residents without viewing their personal data. This streamlines the process and allows our project administrators to spend more of their time on other important tasks.

“We have found PiLON approachable and accommodating, with excellent communications. They, like us, have learnt from our relationship and improved our working processes and business efficiencies around the whole process of electrical inspections enabling us to maintain electrical compliance and tenant safety across our stock.”

Andrew Shortridge, Compliance Manager Eastlight Community Homes