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CLIENT: Thrive Homes
LOCATION: South Oxhey, Hertfordshire
SCOPE OF WORKS: The conversion and delivery of butterfly bungalows to chalet bungalows.
DURATION: 1 year


PiLON successfully secured this pilot project with Thrive Homes to deliver an initial batch of 3 properties with the opportunity to develop a further 27 units in Oxhey, Hertfordshire. Thrive Homes require the conversion of one-bedroom houses into two-bedroom with new loft conversions. The wider scope includes new kitchen and bathrooms, demolition of internal walls/roof, rebuilding all internal walls (wood frame / insulated cavity), installing metal beams, new gas meter/combi boiler, and new central heating system as well as rendering all cladding (reused from the original roof tiles).

The nature of the work requires a vast range of skilled operatives. Coordinating 8 multi-trade and specialist operatives on electrical, plumbing heating, and windows and door packages is a challenge and has relied on the competence and experience of the management team overseeing the contract. Under PiLON’s Site Manager Bogdan Butnariu, the project has scored highly on internal H&S audits and safety tours (87%). As a result of our ongoing success, Thrive has invited us to complete works on 30 Butterfly Bungalows in Oxhey.

To date, we have completed works on 15 properties. We are proud to be delivering these works for Thrive and look forward to building our relationship on future projects.