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CLIENT: Peabody
SCOPE OF WORKS: Disrepair and Specialist Works
DURATION: 2 years


We began work on this Specialist Disrepair contract in January 2020 and have completed works on over 100 properties throughout Peabody’s London stock including flats, high rise blocks, houses and bungalows. The scope of works for this project included but was not limited to: Flat and pitched roofing, replacement windows and doors, damp proofing works, landscaping,  underground works, structural works, external works, general building works, ventilation works, M&E, fireproofing works, and scaffolding.

Our forward-thinking approach to delivery, robust H&S procedures and effective communication with clients and residents meant that we could maintain works during the COVID-19 lockdown while many other contractors were not able to. We took over substantial works from other contractors during this time, managed the transition process effectively, completed the works and have received excellent feedback.

“I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU 🙂 to all at PILON’s team for their hard work for Peabody. This is for carrying safely all essential Specialist Works in our customers’ homes during lockdown. Our happy customers’ great  comments say it all too. Thank You!”

Izabella Zaki, Head of Surveying, Peabody