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University of Surrey – Planned Maintenance

CLIENT: University of Surrey
LOCATION: Guildford
SCOPE OF WORKS: Planned Building Works
DURATION: 3 years


In 2019 we were awarded the Planned Building Works contract with the University of Surrey. The university campus is exceptionally large and has several sites with various contractors working throughout the area. As such, we have liaised and worked alongside many specialist sub-contractors.

The works vary from internal and external building works, mechanical and electrical compliance, structural works, light civil works, and improvements to the University’s premises. Some of our recent projects included: roofing repairs, installing skylights, cladding, landscaping, tarmacking, compartmentalisation with glass partitions, painting and decorating, flooring, re-proofing works, water treatment, damp proofing works, electrical and data works, and reconfiguring internal walls to change the purpose of the building among others. During the 2020 summer holiday, we surveyed and undertook repairs to c. 10,000 student accommodation rooms.

“PiLON has supplied excellent service to date, all their responses to University’s emergencies have been prompt and all works completed to the highest standard. PiLON’s management team is very knowledgeable and always fast to respond and solve any out of ordinary requests that the University has.”

Perry Petworth, Maintenance Building Surveyor, University of Surrey