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START DATE: Nov 2018
DURATION: 8.5 years


In 2018, MTVH appointed PiLON to deliver approximately 320 kitchens and 280 bathroom replacements each year. By late 2020, the contract had increased to 800 kitchens and 600 bathrooms across four regions (3 within London & SE, and Midlands), with the weekly openings increasing from 12 to 35 units.

MTVH increased the scope due to the quality of our work, value for money, and the transparent relationship we developed. The works included general needs and care and support properties, which required adaptions and the supply and installation of hobs, ovens, and cooker hoods.

We have maintained high levels of resident satisfaction recognising the diversity of residents with varying needs, disabilities and vulnerabilities. In multicultural areas such as London, customer engagement that recognises MTVH’s diverse customer base is vital. We do our utmost to minimise the disruption to residents, with particular consideration made for vulnerable residents.

We have delivered social value through the employment of local project staff members. Following a ring-fenced recruitment exercise for the MTVH residents, we hired one person for a full-time position within our Finance department who joined PiLON in August 2019 and remains a valued member of staff. Following the success of this appointment, we have employed a further three MTVH residents as full-time RLOs.

We are regular supporters of MTVH’s fundraising campaigns for World Child Cancer, donating over £2,000 per year. We have also donated materials to support the local community centre redecoration, which MTVH uses to provide regular youth sessions for young people.