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LOCATION: London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
SCOPE OF WORKS: Kitchen and Bathroom Replacement Programme
DURATION: 3 years


The Planned Works programme for RHP delivers kitchen and bathroom replacements to over 300 properties throughout Richmond each year. The properties vary between houses and flats and are inconsistent in terms of size and layout. Therefore, to maximise efficiency, we have created a 3-category system to organise resources to satisfy the demands of each property. We have consistently achieved our completion KPIs of 8 days for kitchens and 6 days for bathrooms.

Our highly experienced, long term PiLON employee Jan Knight is the Resident Liaison Officer for this project. Jan is responsible for end-to-end communication with residents and uses our Customer Portal to maintain productive and positive relationships with them. The Customer Portal is an innovative application providing residents with unique, relevant property information including their design choices, scheduled operative visits, and much more.

The primary focus of our dedicated, in-house IT department is to innovate our delivery to improve our clients and their residents’ experience of it. This contract incorporates the use of PiLON’S 360 photos application. The client does not need to be present at handover as they receive 360 photos of the works along with resident sign-off and feedback.